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February 2002 to date

February 2002 - December 2002

Perhaps I should give up the pretence that this is a diary and just call it an end-of-year report. Against that, end-of-year reports are what tedious CEOs and bored teachers produce, so I shall stick with "diary".

2002 has been our most productive year to date, although our XPS subscribers might disagree, having seen only XPS 3 this year. More on that later. Cugel's Compendium, a core book, also saw print, although our inexperience in color reproduction meant that the cover was unusally garish, though not entirely unpleasing.

The Kaiin Player's Guide was released in time for GenCon in the States, and its authore Robin D Laws, honoured us with his presence on the Pelgrane Press booth. Many of our customers were games designers, including Jonathan Tweet (D&D) and Steve Long (Hero System) Dying Earth and Robin were both on the short list for the Diana Jones award, presented at GenCon, which rather split our vote. In the end, the Sorceror RPG from Adept Press won the award, and I swapped for a copy at their booth. They describe it as "An Intense RolePlaying Game"

Sarah Wroot, our layout artist and cartographer produced a fine color version of her Kaiin map based on Robin's Campaign Cartographer 2 original. A few of these have been printed, and some signed copies are available. These first appeared at GenCon, too. Sarah has just completed a Dying Earth map, again in full color, also available in limited quantities. Follow the Games link on the column to see thumbnails of the maps.

David Thomas edited and rewrote the Scaum Valley Gazetteer in the first half of the year, with adding substantial adventure material and play balance. It's a useful mis of background material, and has some genuinely nasty scenes as well as the usual hilarity. We found an excellent new artist, Ossi Hiekkala who captured the atmosphere of the Dying Earth very well and complemeted our other artists' work.

The Scaum is due to arrive in the States on 16th December, to be in the stores in January. We have a few advanced copies here in the Uk for mail order customers.

On 30th November we attended Dragonmeet, and did rather well, although Sasha looks rather lonely in this picture. - perhaps the manic grimace upset the punters. Paula and Steve Dempsey ran a Dying Earth LARP. I can't tell you too much, as they will be GMing it again next year, but if you are interested in running it, contact steve@dyingearth.com

d20 version. Internal wrangling has prevented any progress on a possible d20 version, but all the wrangling is in my head. Should we aim at the bog standard D&D player who would enjoy blasting and hacking? Should we convert the Persausion and Rebuff mechanics? Add prestige classes? Limit spell numbers but make them more powerful? Please email any comments you have about a d20 version to d20@dyingearth.com XPS subscribers will be pleased to note that the XPS 4/5 double issue will be out in March next. We'll only be doing a limited print run. We'll send out something nice to our subscribers with that issue along with a begging letter for renewed subscription.


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