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Some of our downloads have been removed while we are in talks to reacquire the license.


Our famous DERPG Quick Start Rules have long graced these pages as a free showcase for the game. You may download them here, but not redistribute them.


Through Violet Cusps: a personal selection of full adventures and background articles for DERPG by Ian Thomson. Most are free pdf downloads!


And you can find additional material on our Page XX website. Let us know what you think about our downloads in the forum.

 Character sheets created by Ian Thomson: the NEW Rhialto-Level sheet; Cugel-Level front page v1; Cugel-Level front page v2; Turjan-Level front page; a universal back page; an extra (third) page for magicians. OR all (save Rhialto) in one batch (zipped pdfs).


In order to save hardworking GMs some time, we also present several Cugel-Level sheets with greyscale character pictures already in place. These require printing on a machine of reasonable quality to show in their full glory: Ch’sainth; Ecnomander; Gorbinesse; Jozenda; Kurnio; and Palandro.


Sample chapter from Turjan's Tome - Running Turjan-level Games in PDF form


TableSmith Dying Earth random character generator
by Felipe Morales and Michael T. Jones
zipped table files (25k)
Unzip the file in your TableSmith Tables directory.

You need TableSmith for Windows shareware which is available here.


"The Excellent Prismatic Spray I" is available as a download. Printable version: Zipped Pdf format (2.5 meg)

A free online magazine with different articles, XPS Online, is also available.


Download the Quick Start Rules (temporarily unavailable)


We couldn't squeeze these into the main rules. They include the names of creatures, flora, NPC names, food, materials, games and a couple of tables from the Dying Earth Tales.
Download as a PDF document.


The PDF Character sheet is available here.


Another PDF Cugel-leve Character sheet with Trumps and rules info is available here.


This superb utility by Steve Dempsey creates cast numbers of NPC names for Dying Earth characters. You'll need a copy of Excel for this to work.


A non-disclosure agreement. If you want to playtest Dying Earth, or view material for appraisal, you'll need this.


Submission guidelines.doc
If you are a writer, an artist or other freelancer and you want to work for Pelgrane Press, read these first.


Personages and adventure sources from the Origin of Species thread on the DE mail list.


How To Use This Book - Chapter 1 of the Players Guide to KaiinNew


Canal Town and The Mud Flats - Chapter 3 of the Players Guide to KaiinNew



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