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The Complete Collection (inc all available products at a discount except maps, d20 Primer and XPS subscription)

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see order page

The Dying Earth RPG*



The Primer of Practical Magic (d20 Supplement)



Cugel's Compendium Of Indispensable Advantages*



Turjan's Tome of Beauty and Horror



Demons of the Dying Earth



The Kaiin Player's Guide



The Scaum Valley Gazetteer



Map of Kaiin



Map of the Dying Earth



Map of The Scaum Valley



The Excellent Prismatic Spray 1 - out of stock



The Excellent Prismatic Spray 2



The Excellent Prismatic Spray 3



The Excellent Prismatic Spray 4/5



The Excellent Prismatic Spray 6

£8.85 $15.95

The Dying Earth Magazine "The Excellent Prismatic Spray" Annual subscription (includes shipping)



The Dying Earth Quick Start Rules



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