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Book Of Unremitting Horror review at rpg.net New!


"More buffoonish comedy, wild action, high drama, low intrigue, and dedicated gourmandism per page than any other RPG product"

Scaum Valley Gazetteer review at rpg.net New!


Book Of Unremitting Horror review at rpg.net New!

Primer of Practical Magic review at rpg.net New!


"...strange vistas, dark and aloof magicians, and a taste of something that isn't lembas."

Turjan's Tome review from rpg.net


"An excellent development of the Dying Earth Roleplaying Game, replacing the farce of Cugel-level play with a unique angle on more familiar fantasy adventure."

Turjan's Tome review from rpg.net


"Robin Laws goes out of his way to show us how to write a city book"

Kaiin review from Out of the Box by Kenneth Hite


"One of the best city sourcebooks for **any** fantasy rpg system."

Kaiin review on RPG.net


"Pick of GenCon: Dying Earth. Of all the new RPGs at GenCon, the one I want to run most is Dying Earth. It's extremely stylish, which, of course, a game based on the Dying Earth ought to be. The detail that won me over is that characters need to do different things to "recharge" depending on which skills they've been using."

Jonathan Tweet, D&D 3rd edition author


"In a flood of fantasy fiction and games, there are fewer and fewer that are truly exciting, exotic, and strange. The Dying Earth is all of those, and exciting, too; reading over the rules makes you WANT to plunge into life and adventure in the setting---even if you've never read any of Jack Vance's delightful fiction! If you have, of course, the game skillfully expands, rounds out, and suggests new trails to adventure...in a setting that is at once whimsical, sinister, gloriously cynical and colorful, eccentric, and oh, so polite. A superb game and setting that could easily provide delightful play in a campaign lasting decades!"

Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms


"Hell, just buy it for the read -it's that good!"

Review of the game. rpg.net


[DERPG] is so well written that it could make even a group of strangers to the books play a perfect game of Dying Earth.

Review of the game. rpg.net


In the spirit of the game, Phil Masters, one of the contributors, has reviewed the Cugel's Compendium.

Review of Cugel's Compendium. rpg.net


"Dying Earth requires that participants use a different strategy, style of play and attitude than when playing other RPGs. ."

Review of the game. SciFi.com


"For me, The Dying Earth Roleplaying Game is simply the best role-playing game of 2001."

Review of the game. The Guild Companion


"For the fan of Jack Vance’s The Tales of the Dying Earth, this is an RPG they deserve to enjoy. For the gamer not as familiar with the books, but who is willing to try a game in a lighter, whimsical, but above all entertaining game, then The Dying Earth RPG is just the thing."

Review of the game and an Interview with Simon Rogers at RPG Action


"[The Dying Earth RPG] is an intelligently designed game which offers some unconventional roleplaying opportunities."

Steve Jackson's Pyramid webzine (subscribers only)


Chris Pound's page includes a random spell name generator


JohnK's The Dying Earth RPG Pages Resources, reviews and links


There is a review of The Dying Earth RPG on this Jack Vance discussion board


French language review of Dying Earth RPG at roliste.com

A French language site with documents, taglines and tweaks

A review of The Excellent Prismatic Spray on this Jack Vance discussion board

Reviews of the Dying Earth Tales are found at  sfsite.com  Amazon



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